Opinions on The Lion King (movie)

Well, sure, but how were her thighs?

Sorry. I couldn’t think of a way to represent meh. Everything I thought of sounded too positive.

I also sounds like you had the same criticisms as the “review” did, minus the hate for the Simba character. I agree with the stuff you said, and, yet, I still think the movie was rather good.

Yeah, I should have realized that his style would be annoying, and told people they only needed to listen to the last one. I understand why the guy hates Simba, but it was like he couldn’t get over that and move on. It didn’t dawn on me that the problem wasn’t as much what he was saying, but how he said it.

Oh, and thanks for the forum link. I didn’t even think to look for one. The post you linked also sums up my feelings. It’s weird feeling two ways at once.

I laughed-out-loud at that.

I like it mostly because I like how they portray the animals in their relationships to each other, and how it’s pretty true to how things play out in the wild. I.e. lion brothers eventually competing with each other for the same territory, the matriarchal family units of hyenas and elephants, etc etc… as for a warthog befriending a meerkat - well, I dunno about all that. But otherwise, well done, and good on them for making a cartoon movie about Africa.

(sheepishly) And I kinda like the music.

Side note: The Broadway musical was really well-done!

I took the li’l ones to see it when it came out and we, and I, all just LOVED it. The songs were great; I have the soundtrack CD in my car and play it to this day. Loved loved loved it. however…some years ago we went to see it at the Imax Theater, and I was somewhat disappointed to find it wasn’t as great as I originally thought. The flaws showed up on the giant screen… Still, much of it is good, and I love the music.

Heh. Now comes evil Pixar to upset the applecart and hypnotize the entire family together!

And yet he’s voiced by Jeremy Irons. I mean, come on, he’s gotta get credit for that. :smiley:

I actually like Scar for being one of the more murderous Disney villains. Although there’s a number of Disney villains who at least appear willing to kill, he’s the only one that actually does the deed. (I may be forgetting others.) He’s certainly not the best Disney villain, true, but even Jafar never managed to kill anyone despite having Aladdin in his power twice.

Still, I can see least interesting. Hades may be the most ineffective Disney villain ever conceived, but at least he has good lines as well as a good actor.

(Yeah, I’m over 10 and like this stuff enough to analyze it. What can I say, I like animated movies.)

I’ve actually read arguments that the connections with Kimba the White Lion are pretty tenuous, especially when compared to the comparisons to Hamlet.

I used to watch it a lot, it was one of my all time faves of the new Disney animated features. But as time has passed and more movies have pushed ahead in my top faves, I have watched it less often. I think it’s been four or more years since I watched it last. Strangely, I think having seen the Stage Show, which I thought was a bit lacklustre on the day I went, has influenced me negatively.

However, I have always fell that it’s funny, has great music, excellent characters, and is a simple but classic tale well animated. I can’t ask for much more than that.

I’ve said it before: this movie introduced fart humor to Disney’s animated movies. That’s a serious offender in my book.