So Are You Purchasing The Lion King DVD?

I really do like The Lion King. I bought the CD after I saw the movie. Now all these years later the movie is coming out on DVD.

I plan to pick up my copy this weekend.

Anyone else?

My sis will be, so yeah.

I plan on buying it and not just because I work with young children. For some reason they don’t really enjoy it.

Yup, although I may wait until November or December. It ain’t going anywhere.

You betcha!
We lost our VHS copy in a flood, and have never been able to replace it. The only downside is the review I read in Entertainment Weekly. Apparently it’s loaded with commercials. I hope they’re not the mandatory commercials they had on a few of their discs in the past. I want to get right to the movie, not have to sit through some ads I can’t even fast forward!

Uh, yes it is. Like ET, *Sleeping Beauty,and Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King is a limited release, so if you don’t buy it in a few months, you won’t be buying it all.

eh, you still see all those around. They don’t make the stores burn the unsold copies; there’s going to be fewer of them, but they’ll still be on shelves.

Well, in light of all the file sharing threads I’ve come to the conclusion that since I already own a licenced copy (video cassette) of The Lion King, Disney should do the only fair thing and upgrade me for free. How can they charge me twice for the same thing?
They wouldn’t do such an evil thing as to use advancement in technology to make a buck, would they?
Patiently waiting by the door, Rooves

I already pre-ordered my copy. The Lion King is the only Disney cartoon I can really stand.

I never cared for the film version of The Lion King, so I’ll pass. Now if they were to film the stage adaptation? That I’d buy in a heartbeat.

I’m going to buy it and soon…maybe not right when it comes out, but soon after. I’m thinking of going to Toys R Us, where they have a “Buy one Disney Movie, get one for $5” sale going on. I’ll buy the Lion King and get (hopefully, since I haven’t seen their selection) Sleeping Beauty for a paltry sum. :slight_smile:

I’m grabbing it on my way home from work. I’ve always loved that movie, and have been waiting eagerly for the DVD release.

In the aforementioned EW article, one of the things reportedly being shilled on the DVD is the stage version, so I’m hoping for some good footage from the show.

Just ordered mine from!

I’m on my way to buy it in a couple of hours - I just decided to wait for my SO because running errands is more fun with him than alone :slight_smile: And I haven’t felt like showering yet. I’m thinking of getting the box set - I LOVE that movie!

I just got Beauty & The Beast, in some kind of platinum edition, double disc set. I think that movie is far better, but I’m gonna pick up Lion King as well. I plan to get the Disney flicks I like best on DVD. That means:
Snow White, Aladdin, Jungle Book, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Peter Pan and a few others + the Pixar movies.

One of the local grocery stores is having a fairly cool deal – buy 20 or more items from a list they supply, and get $20 off the Lion King DVD next week. Much of it was stuff we would have bought anyway, and it’s being used either way.

Works for me. Lion King is still one of my favorite recent Disney films anyway, and my kids still like it.

I’m leaning towards it, depending on the price.

I’ve got the Finding Nemo DVD on preorder, tho. :slight_smile:

Nope. There are only a couple Disney features I’d even consider owning on DVD, and that ain’t one of them.

I want The Little Mermaid to come out on DVD ! As a kid it was pretty much my favourite. As for the Lion King DVD, I own the VHS version, and it’s in fine working condition, so I figure I don’t really need the DVD. Afterall, why pay again for the same movie ? I agree with you ** Rooves **

I saw it on IMAX earlier this year, on the next to last day it was in the theater - so I had 3-year-olds on either side of me reciting all the words (and tumbling in and out of their seats) as it went on.

And it was still wonderful.

So, I already pre-ordered/bought it - I would have bought it just for the opening sequence, which is still absolutely amazing. And got the prints. I just need to pick it up.

I do wish they’d upgrade my Sleeping Beauty VHS, though. Suppose I need to buy that, too.