Opinions re sites to buy music online


We’re giving my eldest stepdaughter an MP3 player for Chrismtas (not an Ipod … something more introductory) and I am wondering about sites for buying music online I have found emusic and itunes among others and am wondering what sites people like best (and which one has the most music suited to her age group … ie Hilary Duff, Lindsay Lohan, etc).


I think Emusic.com rawks, but there’s little to no current pop music on there. It’s mostly back-catalog obscure stuff.

The Apple Music Store is also cool, but unless you’re prepared to delve into work-arounds and technical hacks, you gotta have an iPod.

Allofmp3.com has a great selection and is super cheap, but can’t possibly be legal or ethically correct.

Has there ever been a decision on that? I’m still under the assumption that it’s the same as buying a CD from a Russian equivalent of Amazon or bringing home a couple CDs from vacation. WTO rules, and all.

I use Napster which I have no reason to complain about, but I can’t really say ohow it compares.

“Burn a CD and then re-rip as MP3s” doesn’t seem too hard to me. And I didn’t notice a loss in quality, but I’m not an audiophile.

But yeah, been using the iTunes Music Store for a while, and never had a problem with it. And since the OP is giving the MP3 player to his/her daughter, I’ll mention that the iTMS has an “allowance” feature that lets you specify how much money your daughter can spend at the store on a regular basis.

Certainly it’s not hard, it’s just kind of a pain in the ass. Just an irritating inefficiency.

Certainly it seems to be legal in Russia. I remain less convinced about the way they interpret the laws relating importing such music into the US. Although that didn’t stop me from giving them my credit card number, which sure made the folks at Visa quite nervous. They called twice to check if that was a legit use of my card.

I like Rhapsody.

You do have to pay a monthly fee, but with that monthly fee you get this:

Ulimited jukeboxing on up to three computers. This is really good if you have broadband. You daughter’s computer can be a jukebox for her room, and you can have a computer jukeboxing for yourself. Note that you’ll be able to see each other’s playlists which can be fun and a form of parental oversight.

This unlimited jukeboxing allows your daughter to hear her favorites songs and albums over and over again without buying. Which is good because she can sample a huge range of music without being stuck with buying something she doesn’t like or gets bored with easily.

When there is music she really wants to buy, it’s usually cheaper on Rhapsody… normally only .79 a song compared to .99 elsewhere.

Now here’s the best part: When you buy a song, the system burns a CD quality version of the track or album onto a recordable CD. So, now, you have a hard copy CD quality version of the song as a permanent back up. No mp3s here.

Of course, now your daughter can rip the CD track back onto a hard drive and import it into any portable device she wants and in any format she wants at any quality she wants. If the hard drive gets corrupted, she still has the CD back up.