Opinions requested: Lexmark x5150 and IE pop-up blocker?

Both of these seem too banal for separate threads.

I wanted a multifunction machine, and my online research has lead me to believe that the Lexmark x5150 is the best bang for my simpleneeds buck. Would anyone care to confirm or poo-pooh this?

Can someone recommend a free pop-up blocker for Internet Explorer? I have found some free ones on the net, but am leery of just downloading willy-nilly in case it’s spyware or some other hateful thing.

una Tortuga aburrida

The best pop-up blocker I have tried is the Google Toolbar. Blocks almost all pop-ups and the search bar comes in handy.

The Google Toolbar is free, and offers pop-up blocking.

Google has always impressed me with being concerned with their user’s privacy. Here is their privacy policy.

Opinion only here.

Stay away from Lexmark.

Their initial purchase price is lower than others, but they make it back in the first year in overpriced ink cartridges.

Stick with HP. I bought cadolphin an HP psc1210 for her birthday this year. Scans, copies, and prints. And if you need fax, use your computer with a program.

As far as pop-up blocking, best I’ve found is Pop-Up Stopper from Panicware. First thing I did at my new job was install Zone Alarm, then Pop-Up Stopper.

Also opinion only, but disagreeing.

Don’t know about this particular model, but Lexmark (IBM spinoff) is pretty comparable to other brands. HP is generally good, but they’ve occasionally produced models that were commonly regarded as stinkers.

Overpriced ink cartridges (ALL name-brands overprice them) only matter if you buy from them – there are many generic ink cartridges available, at much cheaper prices. Of course, the more popular the printer, the more sources for generic cartridges. Canon & HP are probably the most common there. If this worries you, make sure there are generic supplies of the ink cartridges before you buy the printer.