"Opium Den"-Style Dining Nooks

I’m back after a week away, and with no access to the Internet. Don’t say you didn’t miss me. Especially if you didn’t.
We spent a day in Atlantic City, where I haven’t been in about ten years (I grew up going to pre-gambling AC), utterly amazed at what’s going on there. One thing that amazed me more than most things was this write-up of the Budakan restaurant:

(bolding mine)

“Opium den style” dining nooks!!!
What the hell does that mean? They have lice-infested clothes covering the rude and splinter-filled bunk-stle daybeds? Hack-coughing addicts blowing smoke on your food? the furtive air of illegal narcotics and the vague feeling that you’re about to be raided?

In twenty years or so can I open an Americ

Damned hamsters took my post before I finished.

In twenty years or so can I open an American-style restaurant with “crackhouse-style” seating?

If anything, I think it’d be “a restaurant when your waitress blows a rail of coke off your dick”. That’s MUCH more American and older than crack.

Although nuggets of rock sitting in a dish like after-dinner mints would be hard to resist.

Wait. The waitress blows coke… off my dick? Sorry, I’m the customer; if anyone’s blowing coke it’s going to be me, off my waitress’s… well, hopefully not her dick. But some suitable body part.

Seriously, people. This is Business 101.

And here I’m learning about accounting…