Opportunity landed in Mars!

Chief engineer at Opportunity’s control center: (Sounding like a plane captain)

If you could be inside opportunity, a few minutes ago you would have seen Olympus Mons, we are now crossing over the largest canyon in the solar system, speed mach 3.5 decelerating, landing weather is –15 F in Meridiani and no rain in the forecast. :slight_smile:

It just Bounced on the ground!

…Still rolling!


This place is reaally flat!

ON Mars! not in that is…

… it is still rolling!!

NasaTV. Very informative, but requires RealPlayer.

Internal signals show no problems! Welcome to Mars, Opportunity! :cool:

Freakin’ cool!
I missed Spirit’s touchdown because I was at work but I caught Opportunity.
Really, really neat.
They said it was just about the softest landing they could have had.

Just… wow.

Fingers crossed for a successful mission.

I’d love to have been in Mission Control over the last week just to be privy to their analysis of what might have happened to Spirit and their rationalle on how to apply lessons learned to Opportunity.

Serious mental calistenics going on there for sure.

I’m watching the press conference on Real.

Pictures here:

These guys, especially the geologists, are really impressed! They think they’re in a crater, and there’s exposed bedrock.