opposite of ethnocentrism

I am trying to find the word that refers to the opinion of one who thinks his own culture or ethnic group is worse than others. I came across this word years ago and cannot remember where. I am not thinking of ethnic self-hatred but of Americans who say things like “Our American culture is so lame…”

I don’t know if there is such a word, but maybe… Xenophilia (love of foreigners)?

It brings to mind a lyric from W.S. GIlbert’s “The Mikado,” during which Koko sings of peopel he’d like to execute:

“The idiot who praises,
With enthusiastic tone,
All centuries but this,
And every couintry but his own.”

No question, modern America has more than its share of such idiots… especially in academia.

I’ve seen “self-loathing” used in the context you describe, but somehow I don’t feel like I’ve answered your question.


An individual who thinks others are necessarily better than oneself has an inferiority complex. So, I’d venture that you’re looking for cultural/ethnic inferiority complex.