Opposite thread titles game

Lately there’s been several threads which prompted the creation of opposite threads. I figured there’s no reason to limited by actual topics, so post a thread title which is the opposite of an actual title.

Gals with short hair
How to stand still in England
How do YOU take pills away from a cat?
How do you tell someone you hate that they kiss great?
Is my son too old to be watching these movies?
Starving a young cat
What to ignore in Canada
Worst Doper Quote You’re Glad You Didn’t Say

Sorry to bring bad news but Game threads are not allowed.

The thread doesn’t say game threads are not allowed. Admittedly, your post in that thread said they shouldn’t be allowed but it being your opinion doesn’t make it a policy.

You’re right, but there is an overzealous moderator who frequently closes these threads with what seems like a template post (he links to the sticky and then his name)

But he’s probably going to let this one stay just to spite me :frowning:

BTW, nothing personal.

How do YOU give a cat an ennima?
Identical thread title game.

Is not my son too young to be watching these movies?
I loathe nipples
Advice not needed bank account in positive, entirely my fault, being viciously threatened
Will this door fit through the stove?

How can I use a woman to help me get a date with another man
Should I try to sell things to my date?
Need to stop thinking about an easy 1950’s or 60’s costume

One of our dogs shot the neighbor.

Wasn’t that a Farside once?

Don’t know, but it was a ‘Trosley’

What Religion Would Europe Be If Not for Zoraster?

And as for:
Why is the Catholic Church against Freemasonry? Can there be peace?

The Catholic Church and Freemasonry are at it again. Get a room, you two!

Idiot Parents teens jump from parking garages. Teens blame the garage.

(white Supremacist) Scum Saved My Life

Why is Keenspace so very great?

Men in SKIRTS??? Not in MY yearbook!!!

Bruce Wayne, the vigilante know as Batman, is not killer. Get over it.

Blessed are the meek, or Scott_plaid’s very own Christianity thread

Along the same line: Police charge goat with slaying four