Optimal material for building a guitar pedal board

I want something that’s light yet strong. I also need two tiers, so something that I can build a shelf out of as well. Some sort of plastic? I’m currently using wood, but it’s heavier than I would like.

I got on eBay and bought a simple board for, like, $19.95 with Buy it Now. It came with a zip case, is powered and comes with like patch cords with a variety of sockets to hook up a few different effects, and it has a velcro base pad and comes with velcro tape to put on the bottom of your effects so they don’t move. It isn’t two levels, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they sell that type on eBay.

Quick, easy and simple - what’s not to love?

Hmm…not large enough (altho’ I notice that they make custom sizes). Searching through them, however, I saw one that was just a frame rather than an actual board. That sounds promising. I’ll look into some aluminum bar stock and see what I can pull together.

Pictures when complete, of course!

Dude - start a series of incredibly self-indulgent threads about your project - I have it on good authority that folks just love that here…:wink: