optimizing gyroscope

Hi all,
See image http://www.fileconvoy.com/dfl.php?id=gb3ebcce611f17d591000113140a15e9eaf722c2c95
I’m thinking that there may be a better way to extend the spin time of this device. Right now, there’s a pointed steel pin, about the thickness of pencil lead - in the shaft, that comes into contact with a pin from the housing, about the same thickness (i.e. pencil lead) which is slightly hollowed out, so that the pointed pin rotates in the cup of the other pin. Right now it will spin for about 5 minutes. But maybe with a better pin to pin design it might go longer. Any thoughts?
… john
P.S. WD40 does.

For me, kinky no wormy.

Hard pin in a harder cup. Look at watch design, steel pins in ruby bearing cups.
WD40 is the spawn of Satan, it has no place in lubricating machinery!
Look for quality sewing machine oil or watch and clock oil. (Not wallyworld )

I thought sebum was the dog’s watsits for this type of job. Just get some from the side of your nose. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nasal_sebum

I’m getting a security warning on that link so I have no idea what your device looks like. What are the constraints? The obvious ways to make it spin longer are: increasing the mass, increasing the diameter (i.e. increasing the moment of inertia) and spinning it faster. (I’m assuming it’s already aerodynamically clean - e.g. nothing sticking out, everything smooth).

Yes, it will go for about 5 minutes. I think I’m in the tweaking phase. Thanks for your suggestions.
… john

Hi Bob,
I will definitely give that a try, if all else fails.:slight_smile:
… john

Hi Seren,
Yes, OK. Sounds good to me. I will definitely look into the hardness issue, and get some light machine oil. I take it that you’ve bad bad experiences with WD40?
… john

Unfortunately, somehow WD40 got popularized as a general purpose lubricant, which it is definitely not. Anybody who knows anything about such stuff knows to avoid it.

Those duct tape and WD40 “handyman” comics are just that. Comics.

Sewing machine oil, for example, is really great for oiling many small, fast moving parts like your OP. Good idea to have some around the house.

Great … Thanks.
… john