Orbital tower / beanstalk / space elevator finally being taken seriously!

The New York Times ran a great story that loudly proclaims it is Not Science Fiction. Finally, the idea is being taken as a serios possibility, rather than some bizarre fantasy that only science-fiction geeks talk about.
The keynote address at this convention was by Arthur C. Clarke, an extremely appropriate choice, although that probably would tand to make skeptics more skeptical of the scientific merits of the concept. I hope they can develop serious government or commercial interest in the concept, since it will hopefully restart the interest in interplanetary exploration. Also, the costs would be amazingly cheaper than current ones:

I say: GO FOR IT! Let’s build that beanstalk!

And there better be some replies to this by the time I get back from my dinner, or I’ll revoke your geek statuses!

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Since this isn’t the Pit, I won’t curse the way I’d like to.

“Not Science Fiction”. Idiots; muttonheads! What the hell do they think “science fiction” means? Can we build a space elevator today? No. Might we be able to in the future, with technology that seems possible, but doesn’t yet exist? Yes. Well, then it is science fiction, just as artificial satellites were science fiction in 1956.

Twits; ninnies; ignoramuses.