Ordered a "special" pizza

Last night called up the locally owned pizza joint to get pizza for supper. Ordered a large and knowing they cut the pizza into 8 slices and I had 5 people eating I asked it to be cut into 10 slices. The kid on the other end informed me they cut their pizza into 8 slices. I said “I know, but I want mine cut into 10 slices” . He said he doesn’t know if they can do that. I said “sure you can, just cut it one more time”. He said “okaaaay, ready in about 30 minutes for pickup”. Got home with the pizza, 6 normal sized slices and 4 small ones. The cut it for their normal 8 slices plus one more cut, just like I told them. I had assumed (my mistake there) they would have divided it into 5 even cuts.

Ask them to cut it into 16 slices, then everyone can have three slices and there will be one left over.

Seriously though, ten slices isn’t that hard. I had to do that all the time at the pizza place where I worked in college. (S=6, M=8, L=10)

Cutting something into 8 or even 16 pieces is absurdly easy–you just cut it in half, and then you keep cutting the pieces in half until you end up with the desired number of individual pieces. But I have no idea whatsoever how you would go about getting 10 equal pieces.

You just eyeball a 36° turn, rinse and repeat, and then your customer complains that you didn’t do THAT right either!

You would have to eyeball it. Estimate (hopefully accurately) what a 36-degree offset would look like from the base cut.

That is absolutely not happening if it depends on a minimum-wage pizza-slinger. Working in a pizza kitchen is not where you’ll find the next Fields Medal winner.

They shoulda just cut it square style. I bet no one would have even been counting.

Picture a pentagram:

You’re done.

But… that’s eleven oddly-sized slices! :stuck_out_tongue:

Agreed. Plus there’s a good chance they have a template on a cutting board that’s designed for 8 slices. Also, they only get one chance.

But, if you told them to cut it 8 times (as they usually do) then cut it once more…sounds like they did it to specs.

“Cut it into six slices - I don’t think I can eat eight.” - Yogi Berra

Better stay at McDonlald’s :clown_face:, man.

I’m seeing 5 large triangle pieces, 5 smaller triangle pieces and one pentagon shaped piece.
I’m not sure what you were aiming for there, but it’s not going to give you 10 equal pieces.

There probably isn’t a system in place to deal with special requests at that stage of the process. The person who takes the pizza out of the oven, slices it, and puts it in a box is probably operating on automatic and not even thinking that there might be something different he has to do for this particular pizza.

If you cut from every point of the pentagram through every opposite vertex of the pentagon you get ten slices. You don’t have to draw the pentagram, you just have to visualize it.

Dibs on the 5 easy pieces!

Pshaw, I can get 11 weird pieces with only 4 cuts!

Employees in these places usually have marching orders and are unable to cope with special requests, as it requires thinking outside of the routine. I’ve bought a bag of coffee beans twice at a local ice cream place. While they have some pretty spiffy espresso machines, none of them seem to understand grind. I asked for “French press grind” both times and have gotten a vague look in return and “Is that like drip coffee?” It doesn’t annoy me, as they are mainly hired to scoop ice cream, not to be baristas, so I patiently just say “coarse grind”.

It’s not easy to cut the pizza paralell to the table it rests on, better take an extra thick pizza hut monster. Then you get 14.

And now for how to use a pentagram, in case I was not being whooshed:

Red is the pizza (we’re talking about a round pizza, right?). Green is the imaginary pentagram. Blue are the five cuts that give you ten wedges. Take a wedge, call it a slice, you’re done.

I’ve learned over the years that if you make any type of special request at fast food type places, if they hesitate or seem unsure, it’s best to not pursue it since you’re not likely to get what you want.
There’s a regional frozen custard place around here (Culvers) that makes their shakes way, way too thick for my liking. (If you need a spoon, it’s not a shake, it’s a blizzard). Trying to get them to thin it out a bit so I can drink it while I’m driving without having to let it melt for 20 minutes first, gets me all kinds of results. Anything from no difference at all to so thin it’s (and I’m not exaggerating) almost entirely just milk. Nowadays, I either don’t go there at all, or I only go if I know I’ve got an extra 20 minutes to let it thaw a bit.

That’s another one. I’m on the other side this one though (I’m the store with the coffee grinder). Since Covid, we’ve had the grinders in the back room. Part of the issue with that since customers can’t see the dial on the machine, they will ask for it to be ground in ways that aren’t listed. That is, they’ll ask for it to be set to ‘number six’ or ‘french press’ neither of which mean anything when we’re looking at this.

If I said 11 pieces, I mean 11 pieces: