Oregon Bill Would Jail Protestors as Terrorists

Here’s the article.

Now, I realize that this is an unpopular bill that will no doubt be killed, but don’t you think it takes a lot of chutzpah to propose this?

It’s amazing to me how quickly fear can make people value safety and convenience over freedom and liberty. But, I guess that’s how these things start.

I would be honored to be arrested under this assinine and short-lived law.

Having another way to get protestors off the streets when they’re truly disturbing the peace as opposed to peaceful protests? Fine by me. Defining it as “terrorism” and making is a 25 to life sentence? What are the ON up there in Oregon?!

“The cruelest dream, reality.”

Well, there has been a lot of freeway blockage and window breakage by the “peace” demonstrators in Portland. And note that the law says nothing about the types of speech or message of the violators (in fact, it says nothing about “protests” at all).

So why exactly should someone who breaks a window or blocks the highway because they object to the war get immunity when someone who does it out of drunkeness or anger or just plain or larceny gets arrested?

A drunk or someone committing larceny does not normally receive 25 years to life. Why are some people so quick to enpower the government for a hopefully short term thing as this war. What happens when the next issue is one that is near and dear to their heart? I don’t don’t understand America today.

Stupid republicans.

They don’t get immunity. I recall several people being arrested recently for these very things.

The scary part of this bill is the attempt to define such acts as terrorism. WTF? Also – who ever hear of a 25 to life sentence for blocking traffic? Finally, there is this:

That seems to be saying that I could get charged as a terrorist for attending a protest where some random guy decides to lie in the street. Do you really think that is fair?

Well, actually, they don’t get immunity. They’re charged with causing a public disturbance or trespassing. In other words, they’re charged with doing what they did. NOT TERRORISM!

Once upon a time, the Oregon legislature got together and said, “Hey, hey, we dont care if people protest. We just want them to protest somewhere quiet and out of the way where we can ignore them. We don’t want them to make us late for our coffee date at Starbucks! Gosh no! Lets put them all in jail! Hey, do you have some more of that designer cocaine for me to smoke? Hooray! Later on I’ll go home and rape my mexican live-in slave! Hooray for America!”




Sorry. Facists make me angry. And when I get angry, I start thinking about doing cocaine off the back of mexican slave labor.


What part of “to freely and peaceably assemble for a redress of grievances” don’t these people understand?

As for the assclowns that take these protests as an opportunity to smash windows, steal things, and block traffic–well geez, aren’t those acts ALREADY illegal?

It’s not just anti-war protesters – the way the bill is written, even striking union members could get 25 years just for marching on a picket line, if someone deems that they are an “obstruction.” Geez, how much more blatant can this get?

How the HELL does blocking traffic equal terrorism?

Hey, does that bill mean i could be arrested in my math class if the guy next to me makes a wisecrack and i laugh? Since it is a attempt to disrupt school and i participated and all…l

Sieg heil!:rolleyes:

Does the law apply to pro-war protestors as well? That would make sense, after all, they are endorsing criminal acts, maiming children with cluster bombs, etc.

I do not think thi sis nessesary. However, existing laws should be rigourously enforced on those protestors who go beyond a “peaceful protest”. I am not nessesarily taking about just blocking traffic (although tickets are OK for that), I mean those who break windows, throw bottles and such. The concept of violence by peace demonstrators is mind boggling in it’s irony.

Conspiracy charges should be considered against those who organize such protests- if you orgainze an “illegal protest”, and encourage such things as blocking traffic (and emergency vehicles have been delaying, too, note, like fire engines & ambulances), especially if the protest turns violent. You may not have planned a violent protest, but if you plan & organize an illegal protest, and it turns violent, you need to be responsible for your actions.

There have been a VERY few incidents during protests, such against Top Secret installations, that MAY rise to the level of “aiding & abeting”, and thus call for some serious penalties- but these still are not terrorism - as long as they are public.