Organ donation PSA

I challenge you to watch this ad promoting organ donation without crying.

I didn’t watch it because I really do not need to another reason to cry and also, I am signed up to be a donor and need no convincing. I cannot imagine why anyone, unless for religious reasons( and even then I think it’s pretty dickish, but I know it’s hard to veer away from deeply ingrained religious beliefs) wouldn’t consent to being a donor. Jeez people, it’s the easiest freakin’ way you can give back. How could you possibly not?

It was revealed recently that since 2010 there have been 547 occasions in England where a dead patient has registered their willingness to donate, but that wish was vetoed by family members. This is sick.

Meh. So the dog recognized his deceased owner’s liver? I guess if silly woo like that gets people to donate, it’s worth doing, but hardly a tear jerker.

But! But! But! If I register as a donor then they won’t try as hard to save me because they’ll want my organs! It’s truuuuueee!!! I know because somebody told me it’s true and I was all like “That makes so much sense!” How can it not be true if someone told it to me and I was all like that makes so much sense!? They won’t try to saaaave meeeeeee because they’ll want my oooooooorgannnssss!!!

Hey, it was on Law and Order. Ripped from the headlines and all that.

I just felt bad for this ultra-faithful dog waiting and waiting, without knowing what’s going on. Made me think of Hachiko.

Is that really one of the arguments people make? I had never heard this. Perhaps we don’t want those peoples’ organs anyway, in case the stupid may have permeated all their tissue :smack:

“The good news is that we have a kidney available for you. The bad news is that your IQ will drop 30 points.”

Just ask the Pythons. :smiley:

Snarky response #1:

He’s like, “Hey! I was going to eat that!”.

Snarky response #2:

He’s probably one of those dogs that can sniff cancer, and they just transplanted the old man’s not-yet-detected liver tumor into that poor woman.

Why they don’t let dogs into hospitals.

It happens. It’s the biggest reason I’ve decided not to be an organ donor and I’ve let my family know that my organs are not to be donated on my behalf - I don’t trust for-profit corporations to make the right decision between spending money to save my life, and making money by taking my organs at no cost and making a profit off their transplant.

This is why it’s not enough to sign a donor card or register as a donor. You need to talk to your family and make sure they know your wishes. At the time when the donation is needed, they will be the ones making the decision.

I have zero tolerance for woo and glurge.

I’m a registered organ donor, despite, not because of that PSA.

When I read the thread title I thought you were referring to this video that’s been making the rounds.
The kid’s heart was so enlarged that it was pushing on his lungs and he could barely breathe. The video is him waking up from surgery after having a heart transplant.


And how long was that dog waiting at the hospital door? How long did it take, before the new organ recipient was well enough to go home? And did the dog respond to everyone who received one of the man’s organs?

No tears here for a manipulative PSA, but still an organ donor.

Young and/or stupid, in my immediate experience. I had to do some talking to persuade my son to check that box when signing up for his learner’s permit. My daughter doesn’t have a permit or license but she got a state-issued ID (we call it her walker’s license :D) and flat out refused. I was deeply disappointed with her.

Interesting. Did she give any reason? I have heard people refer to a sort of general, ill defined “ick factor”, as in, “ewwwwwww, I don’t want my body sliced up”. I also know others have a sense of “desecrating the body is wrong” even though they’re not particularly religious.

For the most part, because we don’t have an “opt out” system and most people don’t make the effort to opt in. See prior thread. Actual objections to organ and tissue donation by the donor are relatively infrequent.

My biological family is mostly made up of physicians, and my wife doesn’t have any hangups about donating my bits either. So I’m a donor. The only think I’m not allowed to do is donate the rest of my cadaver to a teaching hospital, because my wife does have a hangup about that.