Organ meat with your turkey?

I love organ meats. Liver, heart… anything, really. They’re both more textured and more flavorful than even good dark meat, and miles above white meat.

Turkey is for me, but organ meat is left as an offering for the bears. Yes, real bears come for it. We learned not to leave them in the roasting pan the year they took it off into the woods. Now we leave 'em f-a-r from the house.

Only organ meat I really like is heart. I will eat braunschweiger/liverwurst but can not choke down plain liver, and gizzards are just nasty rubbery crap that is best used to bait crab tidewater nets to get something worth eating.

A guy who raises chickens used to save all the hearts for me. Seems nobody wanted the heart, liver, gizzard. More for me!

Hearts and liver, for sure – gizzard, not so much. I’ve seen what’s in 'em, before they’re cleaned out.

Liver, primarily. The rest I can take or leave.

I chop and cook up the heart and liver for the cats. The dogs seem to love the gizzard, so, I cook it up for them. The dogs get what heart and liver the cats don’t eat.

My Mom used to boil all the giblets and the neck to make a broth that went into the gravy. Except for the meat off the neck, the giblets were then left for the cats.

Give it to us raw, and wriggling! You keep nasty white meat!

I chop them up and add them to the stuffing. Except for the gizzard; that’s for the kittehs.

All organ meats are gross. Without exception, no matter what animal. Ick.

I don’t like organ meat, no matter what animal. My husband loves liver, so I’ll fry it up and give it to him as an appetizer. I use the rest of the innards and the neck for broth, and I dice the giblets to give to the cats. I do pull the meat off the neck to add to the gravy.

Hm. This is a little more one-sided than I predicted it would be. At least a number of you have happy pets (and bears) in your vicinity. :slight_smile:

I chop 'em all and boil them for gravy.

Those are for gravy, not for eating!

My Mom eats the heart, which sort of grosses me out. At least she cooks it first.

Hey, I gotcher organ meat right here, sweetie, heh-heh-heh . . . :smiley:
[mutilation ensues]

Organ meat has a flavor, just not one I like. There’s a nasty bitterness to it.

My dad eats all that crap. Brains, fish eyes, chittlins, you name it.

Giblet gravy, baby! But not the liver - that gets sampled while I do the picking of the neck meat and chopping that with the heart and gizzard.

I just finished cooking and chopping a big tray of necks and gizzards! I use them (with the stock) for my gravy and I also put some in my dressing.

I have 2 dogs and a cat that wont eat turkey innards. Why would I?

I think the older generations liked them. My mum and dad and everyone in their age group loved them so much. The young-uns hated them

As always the dog ate anything and the cat would eat it unless you told her that cats love that kind of thing then she hated it.