Organizing CHAOS, how to???

I hoard crap, my wife hoards crap, the children well you know.

The main difference between me and them is, I will throw away garbage.

I am trying to motivate myself to go through the piles of trash, toys, important mail, and useless crap, and I am a bit overwhelmed here.

I just found the missing butter dish, under a pile of junk mail, 4 shirts, 6 or so dirty paper plates, and an assortment of toys. The butter is a casualty. Smeared all over everything.

I am losing heart. I do this once a month, and I usually fill the garbage can.

I need some encouragement, please?

Just keep at it. Imagine how great it will feel to have the place clean (even for just a little while.)

I’d suggest cleaning more than once a month. Maybe if you take care of it weekly, it will be less overwhelming?

I clean every day, believe it or not. I do the going through the piles, drawers, boxes, find all the dvds once a month. I should mention that I’m about 2 months behind. The problem gets outta hand in that time. I have filled two30 gal trash cans since I started. Fridge is cleared of anything that is ready to spawn. Dishes are running in the dishwasher, baskets of dirty clothes are ready to go down to the laundry (has to wait till the dishwasher is done). I’m kickin’ it as fast as I can.

The mess with the butter just knocked me for a loop, How can a full grown woman, put her stack of clean, folded shirts on a butter dish full of butter?? Why did my children contribute the dirty paper plates to the mess?

I’m trying, I really am.

I think I found this link here years ago. It looks good, but I haven’t started her program yet. I guess I need a procrastination program first.

We are in the same boat where we have gotten behind and having a hell of a time catching up. The problem gets aggravated when we need to quickly tidy stuff before people come over and the ‘tidied’ materials aren’t reviewed.

Do it before your application to Hoarders is accepted. I fear that myself.

I know we have 2 problems, 1) too much stuff and 2) clutter. Our problem is trying to manage both.

You really should ask Siegfried.

Oh, sorry, that’s KAOS.

Make them sit down and watch a marathon of Hoarders on A&E. Have your wife particularly watch the one with the woman who lost her children, her marriage and her house, because she couldn’t stop compulsive shopping and hoarding.

Seriously, at least as far as the kids are concerned, this is a behaviour you need to correct as young as possible, because it can devastate them in the long run.


Update, My music files have finally downloaded from the backup, I got tunes!!!

I am happier now, except, now I need to start running the vacuum cleaner.

We aren’t anywhere near that bad, yet. Most of the problem is not throwing stuff away or putting it away where it belongs. All of us suffer that one, including me.

How much new stuff comes into your house every day? Other than mail and food, that is.

From watching Hoarders and other house-cleaning shows, it seems to me that people just keep collecting stuff. Whether it is junk from garage sales, people giving them free stuff, or insufferable bargain hunting at the store it just keeps on coming. Then they run out of storage, and they can’t bear to part with anything.

If you really are cleaning up that much, stuff must be coming in to fill up the spaces you just emptied.

My non-professional advice is to stop consuming for a bit. Nothing new comes in to the house other than food and consumable household products (toothpaste, dish soap, etc). If someone desperately needs a new item, then it is to replace an old item. If they buy a new shirt, toss out/donate two old shirts. If someone offers you something for free, say no. You don’t need it.

Don’t go shopping anymore. Seriously…I am totally shrewd with my money and am not big on buying crap but going to stores ALWAYS means I come home with shit I don’t need. No more browsing the aisles of Target on a rainy Saturday, no more checking out the neighbor’s garage sale, no more bargain hunting at Goodwill. Don’t even tempt yourself.

Figure out how to properly dispose of things. I was able to help my brother de-clutter when I came up with a list of where we can dispose things. The old kitchen sink went to Habitat for Humanity. Clothing and small household stuff went to AmVets. TVs and electronics went to the Best Buy recycling center. Old paint went to the county recycling center. Newspapers and magazines went to local recycling dumpsters.

We filled up both of our cars with all of his junk, and made it a goal to drop it off at the proper places. Except for AmVets, who came to my house to pick everything up (if a charity doesn’t call you directly, you can call them to schedule a pickup. You can also drop off stuff at a local Goodwill or Salvation Army store.) Once we got everything in our cars, most of the work was already done!

Mail is the only cluttery problem I have at my house since I stopped consuming. It’s very hard to stop the mail. But one thing I did do is get a box for mail and put it right next to the trash can. EVERYTHING except important mail goes into the trash immediately. I have come to the decision that I am NEVER going to use those coupons they send me - and if I do, I can either find them online or wait a week for more. You don’t need catalogs since you’re not consuming anymore. Don’t even bother recycling that stuff because you’re never going to get around to it. Rip up all of the credit card offers and stupid credit card checks before you toss them.

De-cluttering is much like losing weight - eat less (consume less) and exercise more (throw things away). I find it much easier to de-clutter than to lose weight. Good luck!

As others have said keep at !

Throw anything crap or near crap away ANY chance you get.

And if you can cut down on shopping WITHOUT SPECIFIC reason even a little bit that helps too. Tell em money is tight if you have too.

I live with a near hoarder. She used to go shopping with a friend all the time too. Every week a new few bags of stuff showed up.

Its like wieght gain and dieting. Its death by a thousand cuts. Its also solved a tiny bit a time.

Good luck !

You missed it by *that *much.

For me the problem is “finishing the action”. By this I mean getting whatever it is to it’s final resting place. The tendency is to place things where it is convenient at the moment with the intent of getting to it later to put it where it belongs (later too often turns into never).

Think of the butter dish / paper plates / shirts that you mention. Butter goes in the fridge, dirty paper plates go in the trash, clean shirts go in the dresser. If something is in your hand figure out where it ultimately goes in order to “finish the action” don’t just place it where you stand.

It takes discipline and nagging (yes, you will be called awful names), but everyone has to break the habit of placing things where it is convenient at the moment and instead putting it where it belongs. If you can change these habits, then there is much much less chaos to deal with later!

'Cause the problem with chaos is it can get overwhelming.

Trust me, we do have a bit of a hoarding problem here. It isn’t as bad as the people on the show. I need to thin out the kid’s toys, and some clothes, haul the old couch and a chair off to the dump.

One of the big problems is we don’t have any storage, I still have two families worth of crap in my basement that does not belong to me.

This morning I was just a bit overwhelmed, I hadn’t been keeping up for so long and I got started and frustration set in immediately.

I needed a pat on the head I guess. Positive reinforcement to get me going. I got a lot done today and I am happy with the results so far.

Just trust me, I am not in denial about hoarding crap, we got more stuff than we have need for, but I don’t have boxes stacked to the ceiling, with little crawl spaces in between.

Just mainly dealing with three little kids and a wife who don’t pick up after themselves, and I let it go too long.
Icarus You kinda got the nail on the head there. If I don’t stand there and watch the kids clear the table, that is what happens.
On the other hand, if I am standing there watching them, I am not getting something else done.