Origin and Spelling of Jim-Dandy

I use “Jim-dandy” in my everyday speech. Don’t ask me why, I just like it. I was wondering though, from where did this phrase / term come? Also, how should you spell it? Is it “jim dandy”, “Jim dandy”, “jim-dandy”, “Jim-dandy”, or “Jim Dandy” (or some other spelling)? I am assuming that at least the first word is a person’s name, and should be capitalized, but is “Dandy” Jim’s last name, or just the word “dandy”?

Anyway, any help would be Jim-dandy. :smiley:

The correct spelling is “jim-dandy”. Even Take our Word for it has to admit its ignorance as to the eytmology. The Meriam-Wesbster dictionary says it dates from 1887.