Origin in the "mock crying" gesture

You know, this gesture:

Where does that come from, exactly? Nobody actually cries like that, do they?

Babies cry like that. Usually because they are tired.

Yeah, they rub their eyes with their fists like that. So the gesture is meant to mock not only “haha, you’re crying” but also “and you’re doing it like a BABY” so more bang for the buck.

With absolutely no evidence, I want to say circus clowns.

Where did they get it from?

From crying babies, but I don’t think that was the question. I infer that the OP is asking about the mocking gesture.

Crying babies are a lot more common than clowns.

See my edit. Babies aren’t making a mocking gesture.

I think it coming directly from babies is way more likely. The other explanation is a bit roundabout.


Add this to the list of things you never learn when you opt out of parenthood, I guess.

There is a clear difference between the very precise action of bending your wrists with your fists on your checks than what a baby actually does,

So why do clowns bend their wrists if babies don’t do that?

Because that’s how it’s taught at Clown College. It’s exaggerated, stylized, and adopted by consensus like any other uniformly recognized gesture. For example, I don’t masturbate the same way I make the jerk-off gesture that I made when reading your last 3 replies. :slight_smile:

Did anyone need the meaning of that gesture explained to them?

I’ll thank you not to refer to Princeton that way.

Sorry. Clown University

Even if babies don’t bend their wrists, toddlers and small children, who have more coordination, certainly do.

Fucking hilarious!

It’s okay to say that you learned something new today instead of doubling down, we won’t judge you.