Origin of Association football

Here’s a page that claims:

And I’m going “Huh? That’s news to me!” Is this true? I thought I read somewhere that football was played in England in various forms long before there was any significant interaction between England and China. The Wikipedia article on Association football doesn’t really discuss the origin, but just the standardization of the rules in the mid-19th century.


Basically that’s bullshit. The chinese had a game similar to soccer, the Greeks/Romans had one, even the south americans had Tlachi or whatever it’s called (which itself varied greatly from culture to culture), basically everyone had a game that was somewhat similar to soccer. A quick google search comes up with several sites that all say no one really knows where soccer started, it all kinda evolved from a variety of different games that have been played for millennia

For what it’s worth (probably very little), FIFA has recognized China as the birthplace of association football.

While it may well be true that the Chinese invented a sport similar to today’s football, there doesn’t seem to be any transference link between that sport and what was subsequently popularized by the English, so I still give the English credit for creating the modern game.

This. In any case, I suspect boys have been kicking around balls of rags in every culture for thousands of years.