Origin of Rubber Match

Everyone has probably heard the term “rubber match” to denote the tie-breaking game. Anyone know where it comes from? WAG = The match could bounce either way??

It comes from the game of bridge. On format is “rubber bridge,” where the two teams play the best of three games (a game is when one team bids and makes 100 point in bridge scoring). If the first two games are split, the third game determines who wins. Since the third game determines who wins the rubber, it’s called the “rubber game.” The term migrated to other sports, since bridge was massively popular.

I don’t know why bridge calls it a rubber, though.

I forgot to mention that a rubber in bridge is the best two out of three games.

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I’m holding out for lawn bowling as its’ origin.

Hmm, doesn’t look like it ever got answered definitively. I’ll do some more investigative work later.