origin of "the finger"

Well answered Cecil. I do wish someone would erase all copies of this idiotic piece. It has travelled around the world and even ended up in a lecture at a very distinguished meeting in London.

May I add my two penn’orth? It is reported that archers were told before the battle that if they were caught the French would cut off THREE fingers. Was it true or just to encourage them ? well there is absolutely no record of the French making any such threat. It is also a common myth that the two finger V “salute” came from the belief that TWO fingers were threatened. The times I have tried to counter that one !!

When it comes to the “pluck yew” stupidity, archers do not pluck the bow, if anything they “pluck” the string - although pluck is not a word I would use to describe the action of yanking back 120+ pounds to around 30inches and letting it go.

What about the pheasant plucker? Again, pheasant feathers were NEVER used for arrows = far too soft. For war arrows the grey goose, for recreation or upper class hunting the pea-hen or occasionally the swan.

Feel free to ask anything else about archery

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And another thing: “This famous weapon was made of” the yew imported from Spain and Italy