Origin of "The Grateful Dead"

The origin of “The Grateful Dead” is from a prayer to Osiris in the Book of the Dead. Paraphrase: “We, the grateful dead ,are lead by Anubis to Thee, Osiris, and pray for the intercession of Isis and Horus before the judgement of our baa (soul) on the Scales of Thoth.” The other explanations are bogus. (The 29th Psalm is a virtual copy of the Prayer to Aten by Akhenaton, the first believer in one God, the Sun, a good symbol for that myth. Observe the origin of the myth of the intercession of the Virgin Mary and Jesus at the Last Judgement. The Sons of God were: Horus, Apollo, Jesus).

LINK TO COLUMN: http://www.straightdope.com/columns/read/977/where-did-the-grateful-dead-get-their-name

So, should I take Jerry Garcia’s word on this, or yours? Hmm…

edmund5727119, welcome to the Straight Dope, we’re glad you found us. For future ref, it’s helpful when starting a thread to provide a link to the column in question. There are zillions of questions in our Archives, and even though “Grateful Dead” is on the front page now, it will soon fade back into the depths. So, a link helps avoid search time and helps keep us all on the same page. No biggie, I’ve added the link to the bottom of your post.

Also, of course, we tend to prefer specific information, with citations. Since Cecil’s column quoes Jerry Garcia’s autobiography, calling it “bogus” seems pretty strong without some evidence. Just because the phrase may have been used in ancient Egypt doesn’t mean that’s how the band stumbled across it.