Origin of the name Milhouse

What is the origin of the name Milhouse? As far as I can tell there are two known Milhouse’s. Richard Milhouse Nixon and Milhouse Van Houten from The Simpsons. Matt Groening has said that this character is named after Nixon. So did Nixon’s parents make up the name? Thanks


The ex-president spelled it Milhous, and it was his mother’s maiden name:

His mother’s maiden name was Hannah Milhous.

How many kids have been named Milhouse, since1952?

If there are any, they are still alive. The Social Security Death Index list only one Milhous (no Milhouses) that has ever been reported for a death benefit, and he was born in 1927.

If the OP is asking where the name comes from, it derives from Mill House. There are any number of people with the last name of Milhouse in the US. As a given name…well, those above have covered it well.

There is a town in the Alsace named Mulhouse (in French). It was a center for French Protestantism which was Calvinistic. Richard Nixon’s mother, Hanna Milhous Nixon, was a Quaker whose family was from Pennsylvania, then Ohio. They might well have originated in Mulhouse.

According to the German Wikinpedia, the original German name for the Milhous family was “Milhausen”. The German name for the town of Mulhouse is “Mulhausen”. At the time of emmigration, German would have been a common language in the Alsace.

There is also a commune Mulhausen, Bas-Rhin, near Strasbourg.