origin of the term, "jumped the shark"

Does anyone know the origin of the term, “jumped the shark.” Also, what exactly does it mean.



All is explained here.

Basically, it refers to the point in a TV show’s run where the story lines have been so exhausted that they’ve become so improbable, they border on ridiculous. The classic example of this phenomenon stems from the Happy Days episode where Fonzie jumps the shark on waterskis.

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For a long time, I thought he jumped a shark in a tank. With his motorcycle. That would have been much cooler.

IIRC, he jumped trashcans on his motorcycle. That was stupid, but not fatal (to the show). In a later, far sadder, episode, he did the shark/waterski stunt.

trash jump stupid!?: Au contraire! It’s one of the episodes that defined the Fonz and Happy Days early to middle years. The shark jump stands in direct contrast to the punk kid who jumped trash cans in a dive parking lot.

Is the term’s first use a reference to the Fonzie shark-jump, or had it been used earlier?

JCHeckler, according to the originator of www.jumptheshark.com, it was in reference to the Fonzie jump. It had not been used earlier. He and his friends made it up.