Origin of 'You can see the Great Wall of China from Space'.

As reported by the astronauts themselves, it cannot be seen from space.

Did someone inadvertently spill the beans, since they were looking at* satellite photos *, where it would be quite visible ‘from Space’.

Does anyone know where this myth started?

Not exactly a myth, but a greatly oversimplified fact.

[Not sure the origin,though. Maybe it gained currency from Trivial Pursuit, maybe?]

Dang, that’s a good link. Still, the question remains; as evidenced by the fact that they were asking the First Chinese Astronaut if he could see the thing.

They wouldn’t ask that from the First Yugoslav.

The Snopes article mentions that books published in 1904 and 1938 claim it would be visible from the moon.

Cecil’s Straight Dope article on this subject.