Original Attack of the Clones Ending

It was based on a peek at the script, but essentially you’re probably right.

No no NO! Obi Wan is Leia’s father, and Anakin is Luke’s!

See, Padme REALLY got around!


Great, now I have to go pull out my DVD, but IIRC, there’s no speaking during the celebratory ending of TPM, similar to the celebratory ending in Star Wars (ANH).

It’s true: it’s as he holds up the ball.

It would’ve been great if while Palpetine and Co. were watching the star destroyers lift off, that king gungan walks in, holds up the ball, and shouts “WAR!” and then the movie ends. Of course I have a really weird sense of humor.

Almost… what would have been great was if after Boss Nass shouts “WAR!”, there’s a shot of the freaky-ass CGI singers from Return of the Jedi:Special Edition screaming back “What is it good for?”
Boss Nass: Absolutely nothing!
Then we get another pointless 5 minute CGI musical number. Then the credits roll.

uh-oh. I sure hope this doesn’t give Lucas any ideas for a prequel special edition.

All apologies. I see that you’re attempting to link “Star Wars” with the word “serious”.

An audacious move, indeed. Or should I say half-audacious?

Half. Defintely half. Theoretically, you can have a serious dicussion about a non-serious topic. We can, can’t we?