Original Star Wars Trilogy on DVD!

Han shoots first! No horrid cgi Jabba! It’s the real deal!

Finally, we’ll be able to buy this on DVD. I still have my old laserdiscs of the original versions, and was afraid I’d have to raise my kids on those dinosaurs.

Best news I’ve heard all week. Thanks for posting.

Damn, MORE DVDs for me to buy. Oh well.

I actually like the SEs, though. I like all of them-I just love Star Wars.

I believe I just might take back every single bad thing I’ve ever said about George Lucas, though I suspect this wasn’t exactly his idea. In any case, thank ye gods!

The words “cash in!” are screaming themselves in my ear again and again and again. Come on, we all knew they’d do this eventually. There’s tremendous amounts of money to be made.

Yup, that’s why I didn’t buy the altered version. Although it is much sooner then I expected.


You know, this is (more) proof that God hates me. How do I know this?

Because, I just paid $40 for a DVD rip of the original edition laserdisc set. Got it today, in fact. And two of the discs were damaged in shipping.

And yeah, it’s clear to me now that George Lucas planned this all along. Nice one, George. Had me fooled.

(At least it’s got the SW Holiday Special, as a bonus disc. That’s worth $40, I think? I hope??)

Good day to announce it, Star Wars day: May the fourth (be with you).

If you happen to torture people for a living you can write it off as a business expense.

Will they clean up the print?
Otherwise you will be very sorry for spending your money on it.
I have seen the version that somebody made from their laserdiscs and the quality was ghastly.

Ah… you haven’t seen it yet, have you?

I know that it’s just another way to put more money in George Lucas’ already bloated pockets. I’m still going to buy it. Greedo shooting first is one of the dumbest things I have ever seen. Now I can deny it ever happened and point to the DVDs as proof.

I hear you - I did the exact same thing last week (bought the disks, that is - still haven’t received them yet. Need to check up on that.). Now I’m not sure whether I’ve saved myself money or have cost myself more…we’ll have to wait and see.

I’ll not be participating – I’ve already got two different versions of the original trilogy on VHS (first release and the THX release), and I bought the OT-SE on DVD. How many versions of *Star Wars * does one need, really?

I’ve seen all three movies in their original presentations enough to know exactly what was added for the special editions; in my mind’s eye, Han still shoots first, there are no silly CGI creatures at Mos Eisley (including Jabba), and Yoda and Obi-Wan are the only spirits Luke sees at the end of *ROTJ * – no matter what I see on screen.

If I had kids, however, I’d probably purchase this new (old) version so that they can see the original perspective.

I think it’s telling that this news from Lucasfilm shared nearly equal ink with information about the LEGO video game.

Well, all of them, obviously! :smiley:

Wait wait wait…

Sebastian Shaw WAS a blue ghost at the end of Jedi, wasn’t he? Not just Yoda and Obi-Wan.

and the Lego news is a goodness in my life.

You’re right about Sebastian Shaw, of course – my denial was in overdrive. :cool:

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again - “and they call us trekkies anal?”