Original Visual material from the Nasa Lunar Missions missing?

Is it true that the original visual (Pictures and Film) material from the Nasa Lunar Missions are missing from the Warehouse where they were stored ?

Not as far as the original negatives of still images are concerned. They were still there as of 2007:

The first generation copies of some of the transmissions from Apollo 11 have been misplaced. They do still have essentially copies of copies of those transmissions, however.

Apollo program missing tapes

There are apparently 700 missing boxes of magnetic tapes, most notably including the high-quality recordings of the video feed from the Apollo 11 moonwalk. Wikipedia has a summary and there’s a more detailed account here (a pdf).

Whether they are missing or not, magnetic tapes from that era are fast deteriorating to the point of unreadability.

A lot will depend on their storage conditions, how often they they are rewound, etc. But even under the best conditions, mag tape starts to deteriorate at about 10 years old, according to some experts, and nearly all the experts agree that 30-40 years is the outside limit. The NASA moon landing was 40 years ago.

The state of the machines required to play these tapes is also somewhat perilous:Lunar Orbiter Image Recovery Project (LOIRP) Overview

Earliest NASA Moon Images Restored

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announcing that the magnetic tapes storing the original video signal from the Apollo 11 landing have supposedly been found.