Location: My Computer Class
Speaker: The Teacher
“Today we’ll be studying html…”
“Say you did your webpage on Tupac… You’d put all his albums on one page… a bio on another page…”
Hey, everybody, tell me what 12 people did for a webpage?

Tupac. The spoiler is meant to be sarcastic, incase you sarcasm impaired people can’t tell.

Now, I wouldn’t be bothered normally if one or two people did this… But approximately 1/2 of the class did him for a fucking webpage. Get some fucking imagination people. Oh, yeah you’re correct, you were the first to decide to do a webpage on him :rolleyes:. What really annoys me is that these are the same dumbass unoriginial people don’t fucking pay attention or write the goddamn notes taking time away from the people who actually were paying attention and have a real question.
I also love hearing those same idiots saying to their “bitches” that they fucking coded when they had were trying to get the teacher and the TA to help them most of the period. Is it so much to ask that you 1) Pay attention 2) Be orignial. I don’t care if you pretty much cut and paste your webpage, just don’t do what everybody else is doing. 3) Not fucking insult me when you(whereas anytime before I was a ugly fucking pig) ask me how to code rudely.
Most of the people in there are for the assumable easy course. We have 2 teachers. One is a pushover and the other expects you to work.
I may seem like I’m being an asshole… Bu I’m tired of people like this in school. And unfortunately it’s probably gonna stay the same way for the rest of my school days.

I also hated that in school. It happens anytime a teacher gives an example of anything.

I can even top your Tupac story (not that that’s what I’m going for but this one’s a doozie…just keep reading :)) Our teacher once read an “example story” (basically read a short story to kill time) and then asked us to write our own short stories. The one the teacher read was about two friends that promised to meet in a certain spot in 20 years no matter what. One friend is waiting in the spot when a guy shows up and arrests him. It turns out that his friend had become a cop over the years and when he came to the spot and saw the sun rising on the face of a wanted criminal he radioed in and had him arrested.

Well, one of my genius classmates rewrote the exact same story except that instead of seeing the sun rise on his face he saw his face light up when he puffed his cigar.

And this was in a gifted class.

If it makes you feel any better, I was usually one of the students that tried to have my project as dramatically different from the example as possible…

SPOOFE, I did that once in High School. Only to find that my teacher hated Kurt Vonnegut with a true passion. “Happy Birthday Wanda June” is not a work of true art, but it has it’s moments.

Being perverse is fun, until you realize the folks in control don’t admire you for it. That whole damn real life thing…

“Here’s a what I would give you an A for…”

Most folks play it safe, and no wonder. I lost the entire course after that one play.

I don’t want my thread stuck between 5 locked threads.
That is all.