Origins 2006 - Columbus, Ohio

As is my usual, I will be in Columbus, Ohio from June 29th-July 2nd for the Origins gaming convention, which covers roleplaying games, wargames, board games, card games, and most any sort of game at all.

So, who else is going this year?

I had originally been considering going up there, but come February/March I dumped the plans. And glad I did, financially I’m in no shape to hit it. Have fun!

Have a good time! You know I’ll be there in spirit, enviously looking over your shoulder, wishing I was really there.

I’ll be there, working at the FanPro booth, hawking Shadowrun.

I leave Thursday morning, and wanted to give the thread one more nudge to see if any other Dopers will be around. I need to find some way to make myself recognizable to SDMB folk…

Well, I’m back. Was a fun trip - I managed not to spend as much as usual, and did a lot of fun events.

But I didn’t get to meet any Dopers, which is too bad. Ah, well - maybe next year.