Origins of "OK"

Hehe just kidding…I’m not really going to open yet another thread about where the expression “OK” came from (there are bazillions of threads that already discuss this, and at least one article by Cecil).

What I’m curious about is how people did without this handle little (what? it’s not a word?) expression. What did people use before “OK” was invented?

It is such a part of our speech, a verbal equivalent of a nod, that I can’t imagine not having it. Did they just say things like, “Meet you there at 12.” -“Indeed”, “Yes”, “Verily” or whatever? (reminds me of something I heard once - that there is no simple word for “yes” in Latin - but having virtually zero knowledge of Latin I can’t confirm).

In Mexico, they probably said (as they still do) “Bueno.”

Cecil Adams has already tackled this question:

(I found the above link in about 30 seconds with a search of the Straight Dope Archives from the main page at this very site. Try it yourself sometime.)

Oh, wait. Duh. The OP already mentioned that article:

(I still stand behind my decision to post a link to the actual article referred to, though.)

They used “QX” in E.E. “Doc” Smith’s Lensman series…