Origins of the Term 'Poindexter'.

Where did the term “poindexter” originate? I first heard it on FOX’s The Simpsons, and it apparently means nerd or bookish person. :slight_smile: has this to say about it:

Which begs the question of why Oriolo named the character “Poindexter”. Either he was drawing on an earlier association, or he just thought it sounded funny, I suppose.

I’m not sure you need to have known a previous Poindexter to think of it as brainy.

I had never known of H. McCoy Van Devender before I met one. With no history whatever about the name, I and those around him always though of him as coming from a family with an estate, limos, maids, butlers, dressing for dinner, etc. Actually he could have lived in a lean-to with a mud floor, but I doubt it.