Orion's Belt

Are the three stars in orion’s belt actually in a straight line or are they just (more or less) coplanar with earth?

From http://www.glyphweb.com/esky/default.htm?http://www.glyphweb.com/esky/constellations/orionsbelt.html

Click on the link to see a diagram showing the effect.

These three stars are not quite in a straight line, even to the naked eye.

According to one source they are all about the same distance from Earth.

Another source contradicts these figures.

The second source is the same one given by bibliophage, good graphics.

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Well, on the grand scale of things, a hundred light years difference isn’t all that much, considering that there are some visible stars less than 10 light years away and some that are thousands of light years away. So it doesn’t seem like much of a controdiction to me…