ORWELL: LOVE is HATE. What is a Love Group?

Just wanted to real quickly say “hi”, Since 1973, and I have a familiar feeling that I’m going to have to hurry. I never even got a chance to do that with Franklin Philly, so I’m just trying to beat the bell here.

Please, do go on. :slight_smile:

Grey, the debate is titled “What is a Love Group”

You have not defined it.

Instead you mask your fear of intellectual inadequacy with personal attacks.

We cannot begin a debate until both sides define their interpretation of the Qeustion to be Resolved in the Debate.

So clearly define “Love Group”. You response should be in the format of " A Love Group is…etc.

Then. we can interject conditionals to try to sidetrack the other sides line of reasoning.
~ Hugs

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Since1973 is Franklin Philly (surprise, surprise). Go away and don’t come back.

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