ORWELL: LOVE is HATE. What is a Love Group?

Thought Crimes. Define your Love group and debate whether emotions such as Hate should be outlawed and banned from the Human life.

What is with you people? Is the whole exercise of presenting coherent arguments too taxing or something?

Right off the bat you hate. This is fascinating to study.

And I thought the thread might make sense because the title started with a reference to Orwell. :frowning:

OK, I give up - what IS a “Love Group”?

Yeah yeah just get to your point if you have one. Just because you can get us to agree with some small vague point like hate is a valid emotion doesn’t mean you can thereby validate your entire POV. Been done a thousand times. Doesn’t make it any more logically sound.

Yeah…get to your point !

If a group loves their own race, does that make them hate all the other races?

Yeah, yeah… man.

Just because some small vague emotion doesnt’ point validate your VOP.


Why don’t you address the topic. Define a Love Group. Is that asking too much?

Then lets debate it.


I’m here. You used the term. You define it.

A Love Group is a group of people who Love themselves. They do not hate anybody else. They just love the Country they founded and want to make it better. That’s a Love group.

Back in college it was me, my girl and four others.


I need to be alone for a minute.

In case you’re taking notes put me down for exasperation at willful ignorance.

Now for your benefit

Note the whole thesis, assumptions, factual statements and finally conclusions. Randomly waving you hands in the air and wailing about the nasty rules of rhetoric wont get you very far here I’m afraid.

So with a Blissfull sigh…Democracy disappears in the Jewish dark night.


Awake! John

Validation, I remind you, is reliant upon fact, and fact is reliant upon belief for Science proves yesterdays facts as fallacy as well.

I have defined a Love Group. Now you define a Love Group and lets let the Argument begin.

Well since you threw out the White make the US great bit…

“Whites” intentionally established the United States of America
“Whites” exclusively made the USA great.

Conclusion the removal/diminishment of “Whites” from the USA will remove the source of the USAs greatness.

Since the definition of “what “White” is”, and what a ““White race” eligible immigrant is” has changed through time the idea that once vilified “White” races such as the Italians, Germans, Irish and Poles may now be counted amongst those that made the USA great makes your second point laughable. It also knocks down the conclusion.

You defined a Love Group as a group that love themselves. Kudos. Now should that group collectively hate others, not of themselves, they could be a considered a Hate group. Notice how its not an either or proposition?

Maybe I’m just exceedingly thick, but I have no idea where the hell the OP is going with this…

How are people who love themselves considered having hate towards others?
Also you wanted to interject race into this. So it’s going to get fun. Thank you.

I wish to debate the pros and cons of calvishinometric wozzersneezes. I define these as the things which I wish to debate. Please supply your definition of them, and then we can gleefully argue until we’re passed out unconscious from lack of oxygen.

What is considered “White” has never changed. Not in the last 300,000 years anyway. People on the islands and land masses north of the Mediterranean have white skin because there is not much sun. It’s just geography being impressed into the DNA helix through RNA function.

You introduced the outdated idea of race into this discussion once you tossed the above gem out.

Now if you can reread my post…here I’ll help…

Notice the conditional statement “now should that group”. It’s likely around a Grade 9 level reading comprehension thing. Hang in there.