Osama Recognizing a Western Date?

It’s funny to me that Osama would mention the “anniversary” of 9-11 several times in his video when he shouldn’t even be recognizing a Western calendar…when he refuses to recognize anything from the Western world. As you know, his calendar is 100% lunar, or is that looney? - Jinx


I guess I didn’t form a question other than in the thread’s title. But, that title IS the question! Hmm…maybe us Westerners better start getting familiar with how the 9-11-01 date will float from solar year to solar year - relative to their lunar calendar!

My guess is he’s refering to it as if it is a name for the event rather than a date. Much like the rest of the world is.

9-11 is now the Name for what happened. Even here in the UK, where the actual date it happened was 11-9 (11th of the 9th 2001)

Of course, it’s also entirely possible he’s simply doing it for the “benefit” of his intended audience. While tomorrow may not be the anniversary of “The Day” in the Muslim calendar, I’m sure bin Laden is aware that it is in the western calendar (assuming he’s still alive, and that the video isn’t faked, or just old footage). What better time to attempt to instill fear in the enemy?