Oscar Pool 2012

I say it every year. This is one of the longest running annual competitions on the Dope.

So…let’s do it again!

The Oscars are coming up. I’ve created a pool over on FunOfficePools.com. Join and put your picks in!


Name of the Pool:

Cecil Oscar Pick’em



I’m in !

Since theofficepool.com has been doing it longer (I’ve hosted my oscar pools there for 10 years), I went with them over fun office pools.

Pool Name: HugoTheArtist
Password: crystal

Gee, thanks, jesterbeast.

I’ll enter, but I’m not ready to do my picks yet – definitely remind me as the time gets closer.

I’ll be bumping the thread regularly as the time gets closer. If you register using you Doper username, I can PM you with a reminder.

Cool, thanks.

Bump !

Everyone, get your picks in before the deadline this week!


Jester, I really don’t see how this is appropriate. Someone starts an Oscar pool and you bomb in three messages into the thread with a competing pool? Why?

At the VERY least start another thread for your own pool (and personally I’m curious as to why we need another.) Don’t crap in this one.

Your pool is not a valid topic in this thread and will not be discussed further in this thread; the OP’s pool is the topic here.



I’m in.

Okey doke, finally entered my picks. Looking forward to Sunday – except for that whole “Billy Crystal is hosting” thing, I really loathe him. Sigh.

I don’t mind Billy Crystal, but I really wish Eddie Murphy had done it. I haven’t seen him be entertaining in years.

I’m in, just put in my picks.

Wow, a one-post poster directing us to another site. :rolleyes:

Yeah, I’ll be going there RIGHT NOW!

Anyway, Mahaloth, I’m in. I should do better this year as I have no idea wtf is going on with movies in 2011. :wink:

I’m a bit confused…

A number of sites say that the ceremony begins at 7pm EST/ 4pm PST, however, ABC’s television schedule says that their broadcast starts at 8:30pm and ends at 11:30pm (EST).

I based my tiebreaker answer on the TV schedule, but that might be wrong… anybody know for certain?

7:00 must be the pre-show. The ceremony always starts at 8 PM Eastern, at least in my memory.

Okay, I just finalized my picks and I am all set.

Him who, Billy Crystal or Eddie Murphy?

Both, actually, but I was referring to Eddie Murphy.