Oscar winners who owe their win to Academy Home Screeners

I was given a screener copy of “X”, by an Academy Member who shall remain nameless. It was not dubbable, it had a runner across the top ( bottom? top, I think ) that was in the upper letterboxed black area. Somebody would have to be willing to digitize and clean out the runner that ID’d it as an Academy Screening Copy, not for public use or duping.

Easy to do, but at least the Screener’s Copies DO have some ID, as well as on the packaging and cassette surface itself.

I didn’t use it to get my shots from that movie that made the final cut, I waited and found a LaserDisk. Better quality. :smiley: I will vigorously defend my right to privately copy said footage, since I shot it and used it to show my work on a demo reel. This is common and accepted practice amongst the community, and I’ve never heard of anybody being prosecuted for using footage they shot on movies or t.v. shows to build a demo reel.

ArchiveGuy and bienville, no sweat ! It’s a nice honest discussion. No offense taken at all, ok? :slight_smile:

Oh, p.s. I have had my footage wind up on OTHER people’s demo reels, so in fact I know what theft of creative work feels like firsthand. They claimed my work as their own, and used it to show “expertise”. This came to light when a Producer I trusted, called me up to describe footage on somebody else’s demo reel, that they’d just been sent , to consider that person for a job.

Oye, was I steamed. Nothing I could do, the actual footage was not MY property. Just my efforts were being claimed by others. Thieves !!! :frowning: ( My Producer friend laughed, offered me the gig and threw out the offending demo reel. )