Who's pirating movies for the bootleg market? Could it be.......HOLLYWOOD??

Yes it turns out that some of Hollywood’s presumably most prestigious individuals, those who vote for Oscars, Golden Globes, and such movie awards are providing master copies for illegal video/DVD producers.

How do they get one? Make a cheap copy with a camera at a screening? Sneak a copy out of the post-production studio? Nope! The studios mail out high-quality DVDs, thousands of them, so the voters can watch in the comfort of their own home, rather than have to mix with the great unwashed (us) at a real theater. Some of these DVDs have now been traced as the direct source of bootleg copies. And if that’s proven in some cases, imagine how many more times it’s true but unproven.

The Motion Picture Association if America enacted a total ban on sending out review copies, that lasted all of 3 weeks before it was before being revised. Now, review copies can be sent out to Oscar voters only. That means only 5,000 copies each, of just about every Hollywood movie, will be sent out.

Home digital technology is going to destroy the industry? Bullshit. If their controls on their products are so lax, then they simply can’t believe that the problem is all that serious.

So, how do I get to be on that Oscar voting commitee again?

Worse than the MPAA ban is the horrible Crap Code “dots” they are placing on copies to track piracy. I kept seeing them during Kill Bill and they were really annoying.

Yep. Happens a lot. I have a copy of LOTR TTT on my PC that every now and then “FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION” comes up at the bottom of the scene. There’s several movies like this I have and more I’ve seen.

So it happens and pricks like me look at them(witout paying a cent mind :wink: )

So does this mean those whiny-ass commercials they run before movies are nothing but hypocritical crap? I’m shocked.

Though I’ll still go “Waaah! Waaah!” in my best baby cry after 'em.

Find a current member and offer to Valenti them.


I don’t see the point of your rant. Who are you angry at?

MPAA? The movie pirates? Hollywood? The home electronics industry? The world?

Age into the triple digits?

If whatever you did was bad enough to get you kicked off in the first place, I doubt they’d let you back on.


Come now, just because the industry is a bunch of morons doesn’t mean piracy isn’t wrong.

Or maybe it does. I never paid attention in philosophy class.

bah. couldn’t attach the smiley face image. :frowning:

They are pretty lax about who gets the DVD’s to view. I myself have viewed a dozen or so. It’s always borrowed from a friend of a friend of a…

There are no contols.

Not true, I was saying to Johnny Depp only the other day, “Johnny,” I said, “Tell Keanu to tell Quentin to close his mouth when he eats his popcorn, it’s just not nice to chew that way.”

Kind of fitting in a thread about piracy. :smiley:

(I know, I know, you meant no harm.) :slight_smile:

How long until this devolves into a filesharing argument?

Piracy my arse! This is more bull crap from Hollywood.

It’s a power grab for awards votes. If an independent film gets an award nomination, let alone wins an award, at the Oscars–maybe the public will spend money to see that film, instead of some overblown, dumbed down, formulaic, piece of garbage, Hollywood blockbuster that needs to open with a multi-million dollar weekend to ever expect to break even on covering it’s production budget.