Oscars have new rules for best picture in 2024

It absolutely does, at least for some movies. For example, Parasite saw a big surge in box office after its Best Picture win.. Even nominations produce a bump.

Now, big studios spend a lot in marketing to get nominations, so increased box office may not end up translating to a net profit, but Awards and nominations still matter.

Personally, I generally try to see most nominated films and performances. Because of these, I see films I’ve enjoyed I otherwise would have missed.

this cannot be said about the Art house. or about auteur cinema, money for which is being sought for a long time. I don’t understand why people can’t continue to make good films without any rules?

They can. They just can’t expect to get widely lauded for it.

Oh, and that bit about hiring people with Cognitive Impairments so that you’re not anti-disabled?

Yeah. Well. I’ve got news for you, any of you reading who have not spent years on film sets. They are dark, crowded, dangerous places. There is heavy equipment sometimes moving at astonishing speed.
Things get hot, things have electricity running through them. There are sometimes planned explosives. ( And sadly, sometimes UNplanned explosives ).
Hiring a person with cognition deficits to work on a film set is fundamentally dangerous and irresponsible.

Before I get shit all over for being “anti”, and “ignorant”, I spent years working at a summer camp for adults with cognitive impairments. Mom was a Special Ed Teacher my entire childhood. I shot a documentary film on some of these folks. I get it, I get it, I get it.

It is patently irresponsible to bring anyone onto a film set who lacks 110% situational awareness. Have there been some superb actors in the last 10-15 years who have had Down Syndrome and have worked on episodic television? Absolutely. I can guarantee that they had someone on set when they were on set whose SOLE job was to keep them safe. My two cents- Lauren Potter did some very strong work on “Glee”.

Anyway. In a Production Office setting, or Pre- or Post-Production setting, right on. If the job can be done well, give it to whomever.