Oscars - I wish there were more time between nominees being announced and awards ceremony

Every year I try to see all the Best Picture nominees before the Academy Awards event. Last year I failed.

This year, the nominees will be announced on January 22; the awards ceremony will be held on February 24.

This gives me 34 days to see, probably 6-8 movies (allowing for any I have already seen). I know it’s do-able, but I’m a busy man :slight_smile:

I believe the in-between period is getting shorter and shorter. I’m not certain of the specific reason, but I *am *certain it has something to do with money.


The ceremony used to be at the end of March. I think their reason for cutting down the time between nominations and the telecast was to cut down on all the campaigning and so that is wasn’t so far away from the other Best Of the Year award groups.

AMC does the Best Picture Showcase each year where the Saturday before the awards they show all the nominated films, so you can catch them all on one day if you really want to.

I did do that one year back when nominations were limited to 5 films (2008). Left home around 8 am, got back home around 11 pm as I recall.