Oscillating Water System

Could water encased in a strong container be forced to oscillate between liquid and ice
state, if the perfect conditions were possible.

  1. Fill container with water and close.
  2. Lower temperature to start the oscillation.
  3. Do not add or take energy from the system at this point.

The oscillation being:
1.Water freezes and expands.
2.Pressure inside the container increases.
3.Increase in pressure results in heating of water.
4.Water melts due to increase in temperature.
5.Melting water contracts.
6.Pressure lowers and heat dissipates from the water.
7.Repeat of cycle.

Nope. The increased pressure would not raise the temp of the water above 0° C. If the exterior temp is not substantially below 0° C, the water might not freeze, or might not freeze completely. If the exterior temp is low enough, I believe that the water would eventually freeze completely. Ice does normally contract below 0° C. The unusual expansion of ice/water only occurs from 4° C to 0° C.

In addition, I seem to recall that ice is more easily compressed than most solids.

Perhaps the idea would come across more clearly if I said it this way.

For most substances, an increase in pressure would raise the freezing point. However, in the case of water, for the same reasons that water expands when freezing, an increase in pressure supresses the freezing point.

So, as the pressure increases due to the expansion of the water, the freezing point would drop. That’s why the water wouldn’t freeze. If the exterior temp was cool enough, eventually the pressure would level off, and the water would reach the freezing point corrected for the new pressure, and thus it would freeze.