Oslo and Utøya, One Year Later

As I’m writing this, it’s the evening of Saturday, July 21st, here in Norway. Tomorrow we will commemorate the first anniversary of one of the worst days in our history. It feels very strange to be sitting here and thinking about that.

This thread is in honor of the dead and of the living - those left behind, those with wounds, visible and otherwise, and those who saved lives and touched hearts and souls that awful day. Please come in. Say what’s on your mind, leave a rose, light a candle, or just spend a moment in silence - whatever feels right for you.

(May I please ask that we leave politics out of this, though? Just for this weekend?)

Thank you for starting this. My heart is still saddened by the tragic acts and the pain Norway experienced even as we here is the US deal with another senseless tragedy here, the theater shooting.

I wish Norway continued strength on this sad anniversary.

Sympathy and wishes for continued healing to the people of Norway from a resident of one of the most Norwegian of US states, Minnesota. Last year’s events sent shock waves through our large Norwegian-American community so many miles away in great part because senseless violence against innocents is not something we associate with Norway or its people. I wish you all a peaceful day of remembrance.