OTC Bendryl for cats, dosage?

My cat is allergic to moquito bites. She gets bit on the ears and they turn into nasty scabs. Someone mentioned that over the counter Benadryl will help.

Has anyone ever heard of giving human Benadryl to cats? Any idea on a dosage? I will call the vet, but he will probably want me to bring her back in for a checkup. She was last in there 2 months ago.

I am not a vet, so I would call one to check with them before I’d do anything. A vet told me Benadryl was safe for dogs, one ml per pound. I also recently found out many OTC drugs can be very harmful or even fatal to pets, such as ibuprophen and acetaminophen (sp?-The drug in Tylenol), and since dogs and cats are two different animals, please PLEASE call a vet before giving your cat anything.

I too have been told to give my dog Benadryl, for her allergies. I give her about a teaspoon, and she weighs 35lbs. Don’t know much about cats & Benadryl though.

My ex mother in law killed my ex’s cat by putting benadryl in her water. Of course, it was probably an excessive amount… my ex mother in law was pretty psycho.

I’d definately call a vet.

I will repeat the advice to call your own vet, a message board, the internet in general are not substitutes for proper medical diagnosis etc.

however, since some one has already mentioned the benedryl in the water, apparently (and this is why you should contact your vet), different forms have different effects on kitties it recommends a pill form. of course, all benedryl I’ve seen were in capsules, vs. pills, and may not be in the mg size you’d need (I’d tend to think not since the caps would be for kids 12 and up who would weigh substantially more than even a large kitty).

DON’T!!! :eek:

Don’t use OTC pain killers on cats or dogs. The resulting symptoms are very similar to those of strychnine in humans, including severe pain, hypersensitivity to light & sound, convulsions & finall DEATH!!!

Found this on Google.



One of our cats is alergic to something and pulls out his fur. Our vet has us give him half a tablet of regular strength bendryl. So while you can give it to your cat and not kill it, you really need to ask the vet how much, since ours is quite large(about 11 lbs), and it’s a tiny amount he is given; I’m sure it’d be very easy to overdose a small cat on the same amount.

If you love your cat, call a vet and ask. Different dosages are required for different weight cats and many human medications are not for animals.