OTC Drugs - Is Walgreens cheaper or about the same as a grocery store? How About Walmart?

I ran out of acetaminophen. I checked the Walgreens web site and was shocked.

12.99? Amazon has twin packs of acetaminophen for 13 and $14. Walgreens doubles the freaking price. :eek:

Now I’m wondering if there’s any reason not to just buy my OTC drugs at the grocery store? Is making a special trip to Walgreens or another chain drug store worth the extra gas and hassle?

I guess a trip to Sams Club is needed. I think they have those $14 twin packs of acetaminophen.

Walmart tries to pull a fast one. Twin pack for 6.99 Look close, its a 250 count bottle. I hate deception.

Well, I got fooled on my first Amazon link. That was a twin 250 count bottle. The other link is a twin 500 count bottle.

You really have to look close at the labeling. Even worse that a-hole Amazon seller is charging $13.90 for what Walmart sells for $6.99. I think he’s hoping people click and buy thinking its the twin 500’s.

We go through a lot of aspirin in this house - I’ve found that the grocery store is the cheapest option (that would include WalMart because my WalMart is a grocery store too, as is my Target.) The pharmacies around here are all higher than the grocery stores.

You’re right. I just got back from Kroger and they had 500 count 500mg acetaminophen $7.69 a bottle. I got two. That was the shelf price, there wasn’t any cost cutter savings this time. I’ll try and notice. It might drop another 50 to 75 cents with cost cutter specials.

So glad I didn’t pay almost double the price at Walgreens or Walmart. One lousy bottle of 500 for $12.99? That’s not competitive at all.

Walgreens is great for some stuff – certain drugs like aspirin can be dirt cheap and they carry stuff that can be hard to find elsewhere. The prices aren’t usually great, however. I tend to find better prices for most stuff at the grocery store or at Target.

My favorite thing at Walgreens is their often-well-stocked clearance racks. I’ve picked up some really good deals from there.

How much of the stuff do you go through?

He’s in training to be a Mod.

You have to take a bottle a day to keep the headache away, right?

I get almost all my medications at Walmart or my local discount grocery store. I have to take a lot of meds, and there’s only one I have to get at an actual drugstore. And I won’t be taking that one much longer.

Walgreens used to be a great value store. Their store-brand stuff couldn’t be beat on price. But some years ago they decided to re-image the store. They made it less “cluttered.” Where they had 7 foot tall display racks before, they put up display racks that you could see over and wider aisles. Where they had 50 different varieties/flavors/scents/brands of a a given product before, they now have 10.

In many consumers’ minds they are still riding that old image, but when you actually compare prices, you are in for a shock. Yes, if you shop the advertised specials you can score a deal. You can’t rely on the store brand as being a cheap option if you need it now and there’s no sale any more.

And then, to me, the ultimate insult was when they began requiring a loyalty card to have any hope of getting a reasonable price.

Sams Club or Costco are the places to go if you need mass quantities of an OTC drug. But if you can only use 10 pills before the expiration date, they are not a good value. Don’t forget Dollar Tree if you need smaller quantities.

I just searched my medicine cabinet and couldn’t find any. In my wife’s cabinet I found a 250 count bottle, three quarters full, expiration 3/2012. Heh.

It varies. Maybe 30 to 40 Tylenol a month for my wife and I. A 500 count bottle easily lasts over a year.

For those who patronize Walgreens as I do: Walgreen will opt to forgo a so-called tax inversion.