Other films like "Hide and Seek" (unboxed spoilers!)

Since this thread will invariably involve revealing secrets – let’s discuss “Hide and Seek” in the open, and similar movies in spoiler boxes. M’kay?

I was wondering what other films have the same plot twist:
A character that you think is real…or at least, the figment of character A’s imagination …turns out much differently. What you thought was real turns out to be imaginary, or imaginary in a much different way (ie, “Charlie” isn’t Dakota Fanning’s imaginary friend; he’s Robert de Niro’s split personality)

Two examples that immediately come to mind are:

Fight Club


Secret Window

But I have a feeling there’s earlier precedents, but can’t recall specifics. Anyone?

Norman Bates’ mother in Psycho?

The Dark Half[/spoiler] and a favorite of mine, [spoiler]Angel Heart.

Good call, all.

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How could I have missed that one?

Bruce Willis in The Sixth Sense

John Nash’s roommate and his nephew and his CIA handler in A Beautiful Mind

Alejandro Jodorowsky’s Sante Sangre.Fenix’ mother, post-dismemberment, is actually an armless ventriloquist’s dummy that he operates and imagines to actually be her, compelling him to murder women. Obviously, lots of Psycho parallels.David Cronenberg’s Spider.More maternal hallucinations.Fight Club.It turns out that “Tyler Durden” was actually the Ed Norton character’s overbearing mother all along. Don’t give away the twist!Identity. I’ve sworn an oath never to speak of this one again, so no comment.

The Machinist