other message boards

This thread will most likely get bounced pretty quick. Don’t get me wrong I love the SDMB content wise, but not the way it locks up at busy parts of the day.
Can anyone recomend message boards simular to SDMB (GD and GQ) that works a little better from a tech stand point?

Thou shalt have no other MBs before thee.

As penance, you may say 5 Our Cecils.

I’ve never had any problems with the snopes message board.

Australia’s own Self Service Science Forum is another interesting place to visit (if you like debates, check the FAQ for links to the infamous “what colour is an orange in the dark?” threads) and has links at the top to nature and tech forums.

You could also check out About.com’s Urban Legends and Folklore forum (a link at the top will take you to the related FOAF social club forum), Opal’s Fabulous Forums of Fathom, and if you pop into chat, someone should be able to give you the URL for the Unaboard (run by our very own Anthracite).

I saw the first posting of this and moved it to ATMB. So I’m closing this one. - Jill