other people named Hitler.

Are there any people, outside of the occasional name change flake , who still goes by the name of Hitler? Was it a common name before WW2?


KidCharlemagne’s link is only for NY. Nationally, switchboard.com turns up 12 Hitlers in the U.S. (well, 13, but there’s a duplicate in there).

These threads might answer your question and give you more information:

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There’s a Hittler that works in my job. There were a few comments in the IT dept. when the request came in to set up a machine for him. He’s the closest I’ve ever seen to Hitler in my experience.

Yea I just did a quick search in NY and got a hit and found it amusing the poor guy lived in Flatbush.

I’d say that by this time, there could be Jews named Hitler living in the USA. There could even be Orthodox Jews named Hitler living in the USA.

[Month Python sketch voice] “Oh hello Mr. Hilter!” [/Month Python sketch voice]