Other species and anal sex

Do other species engage in intraspecies anal sex?


I’m gonna get no, as the vast majority of animals that have sex don’t actually do so for physical gratification.

Plus, it would tend to be counter-evolutionary. We, as thinking creatures, are a bit different in this regard, of course.

I’ve heard of farm bulls doing it, both for fun and as a means of showing dominance.

What are you talking about? I think most species engage in sex for physical gratification. They don’t know the connection between sex and babies, so why else would they do it?

Oh, and as far as inter-species anal sex, I think you should ask Scylla. I remember he has a pertty good story about goats and a chicken.

Male dolphins are always trying to do it to reluctant female dolphins.
That’s why you always here the feamles saying “En-eh! En-eh!”

Hormonal cues and whatnot.

If they did it for gratification, why would cats only mate when in heat, instead of humping all the time?

IANAV, but I do seem to recall reading that some males appear to get a “pleasure” sensation out of the actual orgasm, but that most non-human females get nothing out of the entire act.

I’ll spend the afternoon trying to dig up some cites, if nobody else comes along before then.

As animals outside of the mammal category only have one opening in the hind regions that handles urine, feces, and sexual activities called a “cloaca” one could probably argue that either none of them have anal sex, not having an anus as we define the term in mammals, or that all of them have nothing but anal sex since everything goes through the same opening.

(I think, maybe, monotremes also have a cloaca but I can’t remember for sure, so the above might even apply to some mammals, too)

Can’t speak for cats, but I’ve had leg-humping dogs and my shin sure as heck doesn’t give off bitch-in-heat hormones. Presumably, the dog enjoys this.

I’ve also had several birds that engaged in masturbatory activities with the living room couch and it seemed unrelated to their breeding cycles. Again, they seemed to be enjoying the rubbing.

Dolphins fuck one anothers’ blowholes. So there’s at least one animal that isn’t orificially discriminatory.

Bonobos share humans sexual socializing, and practice oral sex, so it seems reasonable that they might try anal sex.

This site claims they do:

Bolding and (2007) mine

Here’s another:

The cited article is "Ambisexual behavior with male-male anal penetration in male rhesus monkeys " in Archives of Sexual Behavior, vol. 5, issue 1, pp. 9-14, January 1976.

So there’s another species.

There is a book about animal homosexual behavior, but all I know about it is from watching Ricky Gervais make fun of the book’s sketches in his comedy show.

EDIT: since we are listing species, Gervais showed sketches from the book which included birds, macaques, hedgehogs and dolphins.

Anal sex sounds like it would carry a high risk of disease transmission and cause evolutionarily useless (no babies) damage to delicate, ah, parts.

From a standpoint of natural selection alone, it seems highly unlikely.


What is the evolutionary advantage of anal sex? It seems to me the desire for it should be selected against in humans.

I worked with a guy who was proud of his love of anal sex. He was in a club ,even. He got real pissed when I said how handy it was, dogs,cats,sheep,men ,women ,livestock all the same to him.

Now that’s funny.:stuck_out_tongue:

I was going to say the same thing. As a teenager my parents dragged me to see a grandstand show at the Stampede. I hated the show and spent the time watching one really randy bull mount and pound away at the other bulls in the pen.

And how do you think hormonal cues work? Hormones cause animals (including humans) to have sex by making sex feel good.

Not with ME they don’t, Bub. It’s straight sex or nothing, regardless of species.

Chickens?! Eeewwwww!