Ottawa U(seless)

You bunch of fucking morons. You’ve given this cunt the very publicity she desperately craves.

To wit: Google search of Ottawa University in news: 550 articles on her freedom being violated.

Fisrt, Francois Houle (Ottawa U VP), you are a first grade idiot. What the fuck did you think sending a “behave yourself” letter to this psycho bitch from hell was going to do?!?! Help her?!?! Save her from herself?!?! She loves that shit; it feeds her.

Then - you moron students, screaming for her to not be allowed a forum in “your” school… why the hell not? Every time this lunatic opens her mouth, she makes herself look more and more ridiculous. Instead of the headlines discussing how crazy she is, telling Muslim students to ride camels instead of planes, she’s being turned into a hero for free speech.

Congratulations, fuckwits.

I didnt realize every liberal was capable of such violent behavoir.

Probably won’t do anything for her, but it does show him to be amazingly tolerant when dealing with this kind of person.

A “hero for free speech”? Does anyone really see her as that? I don’t think anyone takes Ann Coulter seriously; even the group who invited her probably doesn’t. I suppose they just wanted to get a reaction from the student or professoral corps so they could cancel the speech (which they did) and then scream violation of free speech. Will it work? I don’t think so.

So what you’re saying is basically “DNFTT”. You know how well that usually goes.

Funny these days, the only people fighting for free speech are those who want to use it to beat someone with. So the neocon douche got scared and ran for it. If she really believed any of the stuff she rattles on about she would have stood her ground and barked down those who help opposing views. She didn’t.

She should be happy that her right to mouth off like an ignorant and insensitive troll was the only thing violated and her ass, at this point, remains kick free.

I am sure they will sort out some kind of support group in Alberta to make her feel again that she is not alone in the northern wilds of little america 2. That or slap a Sweden sticker on her back pack and teach her to phonetically mouth “Yaw Yaw” and bounce her jugs til she gets back over the border.

Why did she come here again?